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Is it Time for a Septic Cleaning Service? Let’s Find Out! As a homeowner, you have the responsibility to take care of your septic system. There are not too many things that can go wrong with a septic tank. However, regular septic cleaning is a task that every homeowner should perform. Unfortunately, most people remember that they have to hire a septic service provider when it’s too late. By that time, the tank already caused property damage. Here are some signs that may help you find out whether or not your septic tank needs professional intervention. Time The first thing you should ask yourself is when the last time was when you had your septic tank pumped? Although every house has different needs when it comes to septic tank maintenance, one thing is certain. You should call for a septic cleaning service at least once at every two years. Your […]

How to Choose the Right Tank for Your Septic Installation Project If you’re planning to build a home, commercial building, or any other type of structure, one of the first things you have to think about is the type of septic tank you’ll use. In most construction projects, the septic system is built along with the foundation. This means you have to choose the type of septic installation service you need at a very early stage of the construction process. This article will help you make a well-informed decision. Gravity One of the most common types of septic systems use gravity to drain wastewater from the tank into a network of trenches. The main problem with these septic systems is that the drainage field must be below the level of the septic tank. This is not always possible to achieve. However, the gravity method is still used on many occasions, […]